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1+1=11 and I can prove it to yah!

Apparently, math is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind whenever I try to describe myself, but I know a few tricks that can blow your mind.

I use my second name as my first because these days it does not make sense to call me Freddy anymore. It is probably a result of having the same exact name as my gramps, and I don’t think both of us responding to someone shouting “Freddy” is the ideal setting.

When I am not going through dozens of books, I prefer to…

And how they got there

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. My question for you would be which Rome because as far as today is concerned, every habitable continent has Romans.

A few years ago, a quick fact on the internet suggested that every habitable continent has a city called Rome. It made me raise a few questions while I was in Social Studies class. I quickly checked my handy atlas to see whether this was a fact, but I stumbled on the falsehood of this statement. Or rather, the lack of clarity in that fact. …

One who killed as he slept

Kenneth Parks courtesy of Mental Floss

If anybody approached you and harmed you and then gave an excuse that they could not remember the whole ordeal you’d be dumbfounded. It would be worse if they said they were asleep at the time, yet, you remember them approaching you and doing the specific action you accuse them of.

Unfortunately, this was the case in 1987, in one particular instance but the victim did not get an opportunity to speak because she was already dead. What makes this case awfully bizarre is the fact that the murderer was dead asleep when he killed this lady.

It would then…

Wanna drink some cola?

James Vicary courtesy of BBC

Popcorn and chilled Cola are the last reasons that would concern many governments and drive them to rash actions simultaneously. This was not the case in the 50s and 60s as these two unrelated things struck fear into the public and many governments.

What brought this fear in the first place and how did it concern millions of people and governments around the world?

James Vicary

In 1957, a little-known market researcher startled the world with an announcement of his so-called startling findings. …

An odd anomaly

Sergei Korolev courtesy of TatianaSirius

The USSR was a communist superpower with unparalleled space achievements for a considerable portion of its existence. Many of these great feats in the realm of rocket and space sciences were a result of multiple factors that supported the development of sophisticated machinery and methods.

Such advancements were not short of their limitations. Being able to venture to the stars is a job that requires incredible organization and planning. You’d think that the Soviets actually had a space program with the focus of doing things associated with space. The truth is far from that and evidently one of the reasons…

And why this is a bad argument

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

The recent launch of the Chinese core module into space for constructing a Chinese Space Station heralded a new reality for nations with space ambitions. Additionally, the task of meticulously coming up with such a feat of engineering is not cheap by any measure of the word. This has led to many critics coming up with the statement:

Defund space programmes and use that money down here.

This is a fundamentally flawed argument, and these are the reasons why.

The money really is being used down here

According to this paper, Measuring the economic impact of the space sector, governments are mostly responsible for the “lion’s share of…

I intend to gain 200 new followers and $200+

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men minds more seriously than what they see -Julius Caesar

We are often left in a position where the best we can do is marvel at how much more we could achieve if we put in a little more effort. This is, what I would call, the bane of someone with potential.

There is not much profundity in the matter but I would best explain what I am about to do as seeking accountability in order to propel myself.

So far, my most productive month was January and I managed to…

From Africa to India, misguided information is a detriment

Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash

The world of history is plagued by the ever-living inaccurate myths that always come jam-packed with their own agenda. It is often some supremacist group, whether it is religious, racial, or even political, that propagate these myths.

I am sure there are many instances of other myths that I have heard, but the ones I am going to tackle in this article give me an extreme case of never-ending yawning.

These two myths need to retire from the common domain.

1. Africans did not have the wheel before colonization

In any forum discussing why the African continent is largely underdeveloped, you are bound to see many inherently racist and…

And even the Atlantic ecosystem

Photo by Frederik Löwer on Unsplash

Thousands of years ago, the vast expanse we know as the Sahara desert was lush and beaming with wildlife that lived in this productive ecosystem. All this changed when the sands that we are now familiar with took over once again, and the reminiscent brown became a reminder of the hardship that came with the desert.

The Sahara desert does serve a role in the oceans and the rainforests; one particular rainforest that it supports heavily is the Amazon rainforest. …

It actually thrived on them

Ian Smith Courtesy of Time’s Magazine

Rhodesia, a land where the people never die. A country that has more admirers that never lived in it and is glorified despite its glaring shortcomings. It would be better for those who may not be familiar with this country to call it by its modern name: Zimbabwe.

Before Mugabe gained political power in Zimbabwe, the country was a very different place. The economy was thriving, and in fact, some even liken its growth rate to Japan as it registered an average of 9% of economic growth for its first decade.

Despite the many differences with the modern entity that…


Writer. Techie. History buff. If it changes the world I’m on its case. Open for gigs… freddynjagi@gmail.com! Published by the Writing Cooperative.

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