The greatest contribution of the Arab and Muslim world

When people bring up the Renaissance, one often thinks of the works of highly skilled individuals who single-handedly contributed to entire bodies of knowledge.

From the works of Descartes or the paintings of Da Vinci, we can all admire the incredible talent these hardworking individuals had and how much they…

“Let there be light”… and there was a Big Bang

It is a common myth that the Church and the scientific world have been at odds since antiquity. The truth is not too clear-cut as there are some exceptions, but one fact that stands is that the Catholic church has made its fair share of contributions in that direction.


#3 Is an unlikely contender

The differences in human civilizations can be attributed to many factors that play a huge role in development. It is not a coincidence that different pockets of the world experienced exponential growth while others maintained their status quo for thousands of years.

One factor that is easy to gloss over…


Writer. Techie. History buff. If it changes the world I’m on its case. Open for gigs…! Published by the Writing Cooperative.

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