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1+1=11 and I can prove it to yah!

Apparently, math is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind whenever I try to describe myself, but I know a few tricks that can blow your mind.

I use my second name as my first because these days it does not make sense to call me Freddy anymore. It is probably a result of having the same exact name as my gramps, and I don’t think both of us responding to someone shouting “Freddy” is the ideal setting.

When I am not going through dozens of books, I prefer to…

“Now, I am become Death…”

First Atomic Bomb courtesy of Business-Insider

Very few things define our species as its insatiable propensity to fight wars. Since humanity found itself in a position to fight, it has ever engaged in war against other species and other humans.

For this reason, the very tales of war that emerged from the last thousands of years, and the tales of ancient heroes will be remembered as long as humanly possible. Despite the obvious downsides that war comes with, it has a knack of truly revealing the industriousness and ingenuity of the human mind. …

And it immediately became poor when it ran out

Phosphate mines courtesy of The Conversation

The image above is representative of the dreams of an entire nation. Such a rugged terrain and carnage could easily be assumed to be nature’s doing, yet this results from human overexploitation. Surprisingly, the valuable extract from the ground led to this tiny little-known country changing its fortunes and losing a considerable portion of them.

This is the bizarre story of how poop, specifically bird poop, made this country the richest place on earth.

One animal’s trash…

Guano is a fertilizer containing the accumulated excrement of seabirds or bats, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. …

A testament to the danger of consistency

Adolf Eichmann courtesy of Wikipedia

The Nazis are often depicted and associated with intelligent leaders masterminding a scale of death and destruction previously assumed unfathomable. Many of their theories on nationalism and racial purity have been proven inconsistent and obsolete by science.

Smart people aligning themselves to destructive ideologies proved to be a potent force for the regression of human relations. The bold assumption that all of the Nazi leadership was exceptionally intellectually gifted is flawed in many ways. This was exemplified by the man's existence given the title of “the architect of the Holocaust.”

The Architect

Unlike many of his peers, Adolf Eichmann was evidently quite…

From the top 10 richest countries in the world…

Photo by Angelica Reyes on Unsplash

Over time, many people expect that a country’s living standards increase for the better. Breakthroughs in governance and investment in the people through different economic methods often lead to countries being wealthy.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as a rich country can sink into poverty and fall so far from grace that it requires numerous case studies. This was the case for one particular country, once the richest of countries, that has become a textbook case on what not to do.

Economic Success

There is a witty remark in the world of economics:

“There are four types of economies; developed…

Active bird personnel in the American military

Skinner with pigeon courtesy of cyberneticzoo.com

Humans have, for a long time, worked with their intelligent animal counterparts to achieve many things. In countless endeavors, these relationships have often been to achieve a certain goal that is more inclined to the benefit of human beings.

These attempts are often successful as people have been using dogs to hunt, oxen to plow their farms, and our trusty feline friends to deal with rampant rodent problems.

For this reason, there was an attempt to recruit birds, specifically pigeons, to harness the greater and more accurate killing potential in killing machines.

Guided Bombs

Bombs. I am confident that not many people…

A practical move or an invasive one?

Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

As we speak, the world may be undergoing a “globesity,” a problem affecting “the lives of more than one billion adults and children today.” There are many reasons why obesity is on the rise in developed and even developing countries. The reasons are not enough to quantify the scale of destruction obesity may cause on various societies, so it is necessary to look at the outcomes.

A great increase in obesity in the workforce results in the government spending considerable sums of money on healthcare to curb the detrimental effects of mass obesity. …

And how they got there

Photo by Fineas Anton on Unsplash

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. My question for you would be which Rome because as far as today is concerned, every habitable continent has Romans.

A few years ago, a quick fact on the internet suggested that every habitable continent has a city called Rome. It made me raise a few questions while I was in Social Studies class. I quickly checked my handy atlas to see whether this was a fact, but I stumbled on the falsehood of this statement. Or rather, the lack of clarity in that fact. …

One who killed as he slept

Kenneth Parks courtesy of Mental Floss

If anybody approached you and harmed you and then gave an excuse that they could not remember the whole ordeal you’d be dumbfounded. It would be worse if they said they were asleep at the time, yet, you remember them approaching you and doing the specific action you accuse them of.

Unfortunately, this was the case in 1987, in one particular instance but the victim did not get an opportunity to speak because she was already dead. What makes this case awfully bizarre is the fact that the murderer was dead asleep when he killed this lady.

It would then…

Wanna drink some cola?

James Vicary courtesy of BBC

Popcorn and chilled Cola are the last reasons that would concern many governments and drive them to rash actions simultaneously. This was not the case in the 50s and 60s as these two unrelated things struck fear into the public and many governments.

What brought this fear in the first place and how did it concern millions of people and governments around the world?

James Vicary

In 1957, a little-known market researcher startled the world with an announcement of his so-called startling findings. …


Writer. Techie. History buff. If it changes the world I’m on its case. Open for gigs… freddynjagi@gmail.com! Published by the Writing Cooperative.

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