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1+1=11 and I can prove it to yah!

Apparently, math is not necessarily the first thing that comes to mind whenever I try to describe myself, but I know a few tricks that can blow your mind.

I use my second name as my first because these days it does not make sense to call me Freddy anymore. It is probably a result of having the same exact name as my gramps, and I don’t think both of us responding to someone shouting “Freddy” is the ideal setting.

When I am not going through dozens of books, I prefer to…

Thousands of dead people and livestock follow

Lake Kivu courtesy of Ressources magazine

Imagine taking a stroll and suddenly hearing a gush of wind approach that sounded like many voices shouting in unison. A strong wave swiftly passes and carries you and anyone around you with an exertive force, and you all pass out. When you gain consciousness, all your friends are dead, and you cannot explain what happened at all.

Sadly, this was the reality for many people who experienced one of these killer lakes. But what does a gush of wind have to do with a lake, and how does this kill anyone?


The incident above was a fictional scenario that…

An act that made a new Red Superpower

Qian Xuesen courtesy of Wikipedia

One of America’s greatest strengths is the wonderful allure that it brings to all the world's smartest people. Freedom is synonymous with the spread and dissipation of knowledge across society. This has benefitted anyone talented and smart enough to attend the world-class universities offered by the nation. This was the case almost a century ago, and a sharp young man called Qian Xuesen from mainland China was awarded this opportunity.

His story serves as a cautionary tale to anyone who will willingly mark out someone because of their origin and “assumed” affiliations. …

A Jewish enclave in an African country

The 6th Zionist Congress courtesy of Historycentral.com

“Displacement of Kenyan tribes in the highlands of Kenya sparks a crisis.”

You wake up one day, and this is the headline of a newspaper. News channels are constantly airing the crisis that is forming due to the ethnic rivalries that have now been formed against the newly settled people.

This is not our current reality, but it could have been! Israel would not be in the Middle East: it would be in the heart of Kenya. This is the story of the insane plan that would have made Jews settle in Kenya instead of the Middle East.

The Uganda proposal

This plan's…

A British fascist with style

Sir Oswald Mosley courtesy of Encyclopaedia Britannica

When we think of fascism, it is easy to associate it with the Second World War's Axis regimes. We can easily associate Hitler and Mussolini with fascism because of all the harm that they directly caused.

The case might not be the same for pre-war Britain as fascism eventually emerged as an opposing ideology to the Allied powers. But there was one Fascist party in Britain that was radical and vocal enough to stir trouble.

At the head of this party was a man just as flashy and as bold as the fascist dictators of mainland Europe. …

Atheism isn’t about hating religion.

Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash

I often get stares for mentioning this. But it could help reimagine how we view our world and understand the variety of things that we take for granted whenever we engage in discussions on religion and atheism.

Atheism's definition is “disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.” With this simple definition, we can go a long way to conclude that this has nothing to do with not paying attention to anything attributed to gods or deities.

When I first embraced atheism, my dissatisfaction with the religion led much of my life down a darker path…

And displaced millions more

Yellow River flood refugees source:Guomin zhengfu Zhongyang xuanchuanbu

War and turmoil are among the most catastrophic aspects that describe humanity’s long history. There are great deeds that go down the history books for their ingenuity, and then there are others that are remembered for just how inaccurately misplaced they are.

One such incident was a miscalculation in China that led to one catastrophe that often goes understated or even mentioned. This is a story of how a military leader caused millions of his own people to suffer.

The river of sorrow

It may seem farfetched at the onset, but it all involves a gigantic river and the biggest act of environmental militarism…

Walk away boys

Umoja village courtesy of Outlook India

The title is provocative enough to make you wonder why no men would be allowed into a place. It may seem like an act of discrimination towards the male gender, but the more you learn about the story, the better you’ll understand why men are not allowed in this place.

I use the present tense as it is a place that currently forbids men from being part of that society. So, what really happened here?

I like to always mention that I am from Kenya, and one thing that distinguishes our country from many around the world is the absolute…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get wilder.

Photo by Leighton Robinson on Unsplash

I wager that the last two words you would ever see in the same sentence are “werehyenas” and “antisemitism.” I am even confident that the first one would sound hella eccentric as it is not something you hear every day but let me take you to the cradle of humankind.

Werehyenas can be defined as men who can shapeshift into hyenas and back. Similar to werewolves who turn into wolves.

Let me take you to a land rich in history and all the good and bad humanity can offer. Let us go to Ethiopia.

Folktales of the Empire

The one thing that distinguished Homo…

It won’t sound funny in a bit…

General Buttnaked courtesy of ABC

The name above would make many people raise their eyebrows, as it easily sounds otherworldly. Well, this is because it is. This name struck fear into the hearts of many as they met their demise. It is the name of a man who was brutal enough to do things that you would not find in your nightmares.

Who is General Buttnaked?


Liberia is a land that was once the hope of many people who were freed from the shackles of slavery. …


Writer. Techie. History buff. If it changes the world I’m on its case. Open for gigs… freddynjagi@gmail.com! Published by the Writing Cooperative.

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